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About Us
Community Staffing Services helps organizations provide good work and do social good at the same time.

We connect those recently trained and mentored by Dallas-area nonprofits and public agencies to area employers with positions they need to fill.

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Enhance your community
along with your prosperity

Community Staffing Services assists corporations (and nonprofits) like yours in two important ways.

We help you:

  • locate individuals who have completed a job-training or mentoring program and have proven they are ready to go to work.
  • heighten your reputation as a "Community Good" employer.

You have objectives you want to achieve. You also have positions you need to fill. Let us help you provide good work and do social good at the very same time.

Seeking a good worker? Contact Joni Whitehead via email at or at (214) 704-0169.

Place those you've trained
and boost their marketability

Community Staffing Services provides two key services to nonprofits and public agencies who have helped clients through job-training or mentoring programs.

We help you:

  • identify suitable work for your clients.
  • coach your clients early in their employment so they will be more likely to succeed in the workforce long-term.

You've made an important investment in the clients you are ready to send out into the workforce. Let us help you make sure they connect to the right employers and impress those employers right from day one.

Seeking to place a client? Contact Joni Whitehead via email at or at (214) 704-0169.